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Little Efforts Create Big Momentum

A few atoms of hydrogen and oxygen join together to create one molecule of water.

A number of water molecules join together to make one drop of water.

Water drops join together in a cloud to make a rain cloud.

Rain clouds join together to create a rain storm.

Rain drops from a rain storm join together to create puddles, ponds, rivers, and more.

The power of a few rain drops can take a docile creek and turn it into a raging river – see video.

Euclid Creek after a LOT of Rain

Ever Notice?

If we look around in our life, we can see that a number of small efforts all combined to create some big momentum.

Making sure to move forward with a project each day – even if only for a few minutes – can over time result in completion of the project. Taking the next step forward, again, and again, and again, can literally be the difference between success and failure.

Little Efforts Create Big Momentum

In yeshivish talk (Yeshiva is upper hebrew school, Yeshivish refers to things associated with Yeshiva), this is called hasmoda. The ability to move forward and to dedicate a certain amount of time each day to one particular task.

This is the trait that allows scholars to complete the talmud (2200+ long pages of extremely complex logical statements, logical arguments, and cryptic messages, written about 2000 years ago in a language no longer spoken).

By achieving just that much more each day, every day, and over time, it creates this huge accomplishment that seems impossible when viewed from the beginning.

Bringing It Into Our Own Life

What small tiny actions can we each take with a goal of having them become a raging river of momentum, leading us to success?

God’s Awesome Power Exhibited Through Nature

Before closing off, I do want to show another video. I took hundreds of photos and videos; it was absolutely an amazing experience watching this creek raging through the canyon like this. The speed and strength with which it flew through the walls was inspiring and intimidating at the same time.

There were places where the creek was closer to the road that it was almost overflowing. A little more rain, or perhaps a little later that night, it may have overflowed its banks.

This creek is usually more of a lazy, meandering water flow. Yes, it gets deep in some places, but usually, you can walk across it fully, and even down in the gorge that it flows through, there is plenty of dry land to walk across.

Not that day. That day, up and down the area, it was overflowing.

Selected Photos

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This site is temporarily forwarding to MindSpark while it is being renovated.