Ari Gunzburg Bike4Chai 2017Talk about a storied past. Ari Gunzburg has “been there, done that” for many experiences, starting as a small kid and all through his teenage and now adult years. Some were smart, others were dumb, still others were even dumber, and with some experiences, it is a miracle that he is alive today. But all that is better told over to a live audience…or maybe better written in a book. Book deal offer, anyone?

What has Ari Done?

From raising money for kids with cancer, to traumatic life-altering experiences, to getting caught up with kids who were up to no good, to experimenting with drugs, to following his dreams no matter what, to dropping out of high school yet graduating later and then going to college unexpectedly, to partying and more, Ari Gunzburg has been through a lot. Now he is back to share his experiences and the lessons he learned with audiences all over.

I've Been Everywhere...

It feels sometimes as though I’ve been everywhere, though I know that I haven’t. I still love to experience new things, and I have so many places I still plan to visit. I’m constantly looking for new opportunities and new experiences.

Between all of the decisions I’ve made in life, smart and dumb, I have experienced a lot.

It is only once I realized that I must have had these experiences for a reason that I began to contemplate how to use them. Some ways to use these experiences include helping others learn from my mistakes, helping to inspire others to a different path, and helping to find a healthy way to make a statement.

Here is looking to a brighter future, and whatever I can do to help make it happen.


Traumatic Experience

Forest ViewFor survivors of an adverse childhood experience, it often seems as though that experience colors every single thing they do for the rest of their life.

Yet it is these experiences that literally shape these people. Some for the good, and some for the bad, but these adverse childhood experiences can be the clay that molds something amazing, or the fire that consumes what could have been something huge.

Ari experienced trauma when a child. It is a focal point of some of his speeches.

Cycling Miles for Kids with Cancer

Bike4ChaiReady to ride over 180 miles on your bike? Not even if it is over 2 days? Ari has completed the Bike4Chai six times. All to raise money for little kids with cancer and other debilitating illnesses.

The ride itself is spectacular, going through some of the most scenic rides in the eastern United States. The ride climbs Hawk’s Nest, on Route 97, near the end of the ride.

Want to help out these kids? Contact Ari now to find out how to make a donation.

Serial Entrepreneur

Parnassah ExpoSometimes it feels like one brand had barely gotten started before Ari would come up with the next big idea. Without a stellar team of dedicated people behind him, bringing ideas to fruition, many ideas fizzled in the early stages, but others have launched and at this point have been sold on to other entities (or, in one case, stolen).

It is the mark of any serial entrepreneur that even today, there are ideas still simmering on the back burner. Do you have a burning desire to run your own business? Not sure what to do? Maybe you could bring one of Ari’s ideas to market.

Outward Bound

Ari Gunzburg on Outward Bound August 2000In August of 2000, Ari Gunzburg took a trip that would change his life forever. Imagine being thrown onto a small lifeboat with eleven other people and told you were going to live there for the next 11 days.

For some, this may be terrifying. For Ari, this was exhilarating. In fact, it was this trip that helped nurture the dream of working in the wilderness in Ari, after growing up playing in the woods near his house.

In 2018, Ari followed that dream, launching JTreks.

Design, Marketing & Branding Experience

Marketing and Branding ExperienceOver the ten-plus years Ari has worked in the marketing and design field, he has applied marketing and branding principles to many companies throughout the United States. In addition to the client work Ari did, he also created branding, positioning, logo and graphic design work for himself and different brands he launched.

This extensive experience in graphic design, website design, logo design, marketing and branding has helped Ari when launching new ideas and while helping consulting clients create their vision.

Stupid Decisions

Stupid DecisionsIt takes one to know one. Or, as Forrest’s mama says, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Only after making mistakes over the years, and then slowly admitting to the mistakes, has Ari Gunzburg found the ability to grow more and more.

A mistake not admitted is not a mistake you can learn from. It takes clarity and honesty to be true to yourself and admit when you were wrong; and then you must do what is necessary to build back up from that point.

“Regretting your past won’t get you anywhere.
Learning from it will get you everywhere.”
-Ari Gunzburg

Interests & Hobbies

Woodworking - Menorah by Ari GunzburgFamily, rock climbing, wood working, hiking, cycling, yoga, fitness, healthy eating, nature, guitar, piano, health, reading, writing, painting, pastels, beer (IPAs), wine, rum, bourbon, and more.

Ari has a lot of interests; the trouble is finding the time for everything.

This is another aspect to life. You either make the time or it doesn’t happen.

Rock Climbing

Ari Gunzburg Rock ClimbingRock climbing is one of Ari’s favorite sports and, in his opinion, one of the best pastimes around. The attitude garnered during rock climbing is simply so healthy and so positive, that it is hard to keep away from the groups that go.

Add all of that in with the thrill of completing a problem (i.e. climb) you have been working on, and you have a wonderful sport to pursue. A great thing to do on your off time.

And now, after learning ice climbing in the winter of 2018, ice climbing is up there with rock climbing.

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