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I make it easy for busy business people to visit the wilderness.

-Ari Gunzburg

Wilderness Liaison

Ari Gunzburg, Wilderness Liaison in Colorado, 2018

What is a wilderness liaison? A wilderness liaison is someone who makes the wilderness more approachable for people who may be interested in experiencing the great outdoors, but for whatever reason, are hesitant to do backcountry travel on their own.

Why not a wilderness guide? A wilderness guide is someone you would rely on to know the specific terrain, all of the proper gear, and to have a tremendous amount of experience in that aspect of the backcountry. Preferably with local knowledge as well. As an example, a backcountry ski guide would be an amazing skier, and a whitewater rafting guide would be a strong boater, with a lot of experience on the river.

Ari Gunzburg prefers to travel all terrains, to have the opportunity to experience all backcountry sports. In order to make that happen, as safely as possible, local guides are often hired for their first-hand knowledge of the terrain.

Necessity of Wilderness Liaison

For most people, if they want to experience the outdoors on a guided trip to the backcountry, they would just sign up for a course with NOLS or Outward Bound (Ari is an alumnus), or another provider. For the Jewish population, with strict dietary requirements (kosher) and other religious observances (sabbath, holidays, etc) these trips simply don’t work.

Enter the Wilderness Liaison

By coordinating all of the logistics and more for kosher wilderness expeditions, Ari makes the great outdoors, the wilderness, and the backcountry accessible. From custom trips (for anyone – not just Jews) to arranged trips and more, Ari helps people discover the wonderment of the wilderness.

The wilderness has a way of calming even the most turbulent mind.

-Ari Gunzburg

Wilderness and Backcountry Sports

  • Rock climbing
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Backpacking
  • Caving
  • Canoeing
  • Skiing
  • Kayaking
  • Ice climbing
  • Mountaineering
  • Canyoneering
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • And more!

Wilderness Photos


In 2018, Ari accomplished a long-time dream and opened JTreks, to offer kosher wilderness expeditions. JTreks has completed trips in California, Colorado, and Ohio, including activities like mountaineering, ice climbing and backpacking.

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Wilderness First Responder

Ari has completed his Wilderness First Responder certification, as a safety protocol for the outdoor workshops he leads. The main purpose of this certification is to ensure an appropriate response to medical issues in the backcountry.

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This site is temporarily forwarding to MindSpark while it is being renovated.