The Un Privacy Policy

I don’t like being tracked all over the internet, with dozens of scripts that slow my browser down and try to figure out every single click I make with my mouse and where I am looking.

I don’t like my data being shared with huge corporations that are using this extra data to try and make more money off of me.

I have opted to not use Google Analytics or any other analytics software run by a major corporation.

The only analytics software on this website is a lightweight, open-source solution. All the data within is aggressively anonymized. And we honor the ‘Do Not Track’ setting in your browser. I am using their cloud hosted version of the software. And the only reason this software is on here is because it helps with budgeting for hosting and more to know about how many users I have.

I don’t track any personal data via this website, whatsoever. Unless you submit your own data, such as signing up for email or filling out a form. But that is not tracked, merely delivered. And you may request, at any point in time, to have all of your private data deleted, by simply filling out the contact form.

Filling Out Information

If you fill out a form on this website, we will use that information to contact you. That is, after all, what contact forms and email subscription forms are for. We won’t share or sell this information, except to trusted 3rd parties who are not supposed to use this information.

Extra Stuff I Probably Need to Post

Yeah, whoever started ‘privacy policies’ opened up a whole can of worms. But there are certain things it is probably smart to have, so here goes:

Option to Opt Out

GDPR Compliance

For the most part, this website is not meant for people in the European Union. However, if someone from the EU does visit this website: all tracking data is 100% anonymized; we do not collect personally identifiable data. Even IP addresses are obfuscated in our data sets, to ensure that we and no one else can identify any users.

If you fill out a form on this website, you are consenting to us collecting and then storing said information on this website or with trusted 3rd parties (such as a mailing list service).

By sending a simple contact request, we will easily delete or export and deliver all of your identifiable information, or both – or whatever you request. Please be clear what names/email addresses may have been submitted and we will search for all to verify that all data is delivered or deleted.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

This site is meant for people who are at least 13 years old and older.

Online Privacy Policy Only

This online privacy policy applies only to information collected online.

Your Consent

You consent to this policy by using this site.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Changes will post to this page, and the date will be updated below.

Last modified on January 30, 2019.

Contacting Us

For questions or concerns please contact us.


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