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I spark creativity, inspiring others to greatness.
-Ari Gunzburg
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Ari Gunzburg - Motivational Speaker

Are you ready for an experience that is out of this world? Ari Gunzburg is the answer to your search!

Ari uses his crazy life experiences to spark creativity, infuse passion, and altogether FIRE UP your audience. From inspirational stories to research-backed tools, Ari creates the right mix of motivation and high energy to help your team build up to its full potential.

Ari is a motivational speaker who will CONNECT with your audience to give a vivid presentation. As an award-winning international speaker, Ari works with audiences all over to enter a state of “flow” – for the entire room to build each other up during the session, so that EVERYONE, Ari included, leaves the room in a state of transcendence.

Woot! Woot! Happiness

The research continues to confirm what we all knew intuitively: the more happy you and your team are, the better their work product. The more creative they are. The better they preform.

Which means that any investments you make to give your staff tools to be happier is money well spent. Every one of Ari’s speech topics touches upon happiness or the root causes of happiness and how to build it in some form or another. Which means that every keynote, presentation or workshop can leave your team more productive, more creative, and more efficient.

Ari’s speech was absolutely emotional. A speech I will never forget.

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YOU are the sum total of your roots, your past, and your perspective. SHIFT perspective, SHIFT your life.
-Ari Gunzburg
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Ari helps people experience nature in all her beauty, with all her gentle relaxation, as a wilderness liaison. He recently became a WFR. Ari works with guides to design wilderness expeditions (usually Kosher) for those who wouldn’t usually have that opportunity.

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Ari is the host on the Way To Greatness podcast. This show is focused on chronicling the journey from failure and mediocrity to success and greatness. Ari may be publishing additional podcasts in the future. Sign up for email for a notification.   

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Go outside, into nature. BE. Allow yourself to simply be.
This sparks the healing powers of nature.

-Ari Gunzburg

About Ari Gunzburg

Ari Gunzburg experienced trauma early on in life, which sent the rest of his life into a trajectory that only could have ended up where it did.

Learn more about Ari Gunzburg and his unique story. In Ari’s own words, “I wouldn’t be who I am today if not for the things I went through. I constantly struggle with acceptance of myself and the things in my past. I get better at it each day, and I learn more every day. One thing I do recognize is that regretting the past is depressing, but accepting and learning from the past is enlightening.”

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This site is temporarily forwarding to MindSpark while it is being renovated.