Compared to What?

Recently I was at a contest for Toastmasters International in my home district, District 10. After the contest, the contest chair brings up all of the contestants and conducts contestant interviews. Contestant Interviews This is an interesting way to segue between the end of the contest and the awards, as during … Read more

Love Will Carry You Through

Love Will Carry You Through

I was driving through my neighborhood a while ago and I saw something. I saw a man standing on the side of the road. He was dirty, disheveled. He had a large backpack nearby, and looked as though he lived out of the backpack (as in a camping backpack). His … Read more

And Another One Down…

And Another One Down...

Another one bites the dust….another one bites the dust….and another one down, and another one down, another one bites the dust. Queen’s song lyrics can apply to many situations. But here I’m referencing death. The Phone Call I just got a phone call from one of my old friends. Turns … Read more

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